Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Time for The Sphinx

The Black Sphinx
My second blog where the Black Sphinx will take you on a journey into the lives of people, fictitious and real, where the only thing common between the various events will be utter irrelevance and disconnection. so time for me to shut up and let the Sphinx take over.just click.

Monday, July 5, 2010

64 down, 12 more to go

Its the 5th of july, which means the summer holidays are now 2 months and 4 days old. And without getting caught up in any philosophical debates, something i have had a lot (thanks sidharth, thanks sehraan) in these vacations, i will take a bold leap of faith and declare, being of  brilliant mind and amazing body, that yes, i am still very much in existence. I look back now and there’s hardly anything i remember at all about the last four fortnights. Nothing. Its kinda hard to describe. I mean the events that transpired in the last week of april somehow seem closer in time than the ones that happened in mid-may or maybe the ones in june. Thats weird right? It feels like yesterday that i was with Ankita at IG park and we were sitting at Pizza Den or the shop-hopping that we did, but sitting in my bedroom in front of my lappy and watching the first season of Prison Break seems like ages ago. Doesn’t make sense because while the former happened on 30th april, Scofield did not start dropping his origami ducks till the last week of may. Freak you out? Didn’t think so either.
So that is one of the things i did this summer. What else? Well, i went through a large number of movies, some of them really good, most of them chickenfeed. Completed season one of Lost earlier today. And it makes me regret having confined myself to sitcoms for so long. Far cry from the summer course i had expected to end up doing. But there are people out there who have made the most out of these vacations too. C/C++/JAVA/VLSI/AUTOCAD, take your pick, attend classes 2 hours every weekday, march out one month later with a certificate in hand and a clear cut advantage over the likes of me when we return to the insti for our third sem. There are people who flunked their semesters, and now have done summer courses, adding Ex’s and A’s where there were F’s in their marksheets, and have pushed up their pointers big time. Some have learnt to swim, others now play billiards, fuck! some have even scored interns in their first year! The first of my friends have started losing their virginity. And if not anything, there are people who have set world records in boozing and/or shagging! And what have i done in the last 60 days?  
Well i did get started on my guitar, but the progress is hardly anything worth mention. I have joined a gym whose instructor has taken it as a personal affront that someone as skinny as me is walking around in his gym. He is now on a mission to either make me a Schwarzenegger or kill me off. With every passing day the chances of the first alternative becoming true are rapidly fading. In fact, its time for me to go hit the gym again. See you on the other side. Adios.