Monday, March 1, 2010

of bikes, fags and motherfuckers.....

bikes suck! sitting down here, now, in front of my desktop, i am wondering what the fuck did i do all day? just biking and nothng else. thanks to it, i missed out on meeting some very good friends, i missed out on watching movies that i have rented, i missed out on a dinner with my parents, i missed out on pretty much everything i had planned for today. and its not like i was riding some fancy bike on some fancy stretch of tarmac, it was just a plain ol' discover on ctc's roads. i fucking hate myself. add to it the spermless bastards who call themselves cuttack police. enforcing the helmet law as if their lives depended on it. well guys, fuck you! u dont simply decide one day to ask people who have been riding bikes all their lives with wind whipping through their hair to just strap on those heavy contraptions and move about. its decided, i am gonna go out for a ride tomorrow, and i am going without my helmet, jisko jo ukhaadna hai, ukhaad le! i am pissed with everything. and ya, new-found respect for my nicotine-addicted pals. i now get an idea how it is on u guys wen u dont get ur fags. u just simply need your daily dose. u need the high it gives u. u need to feel it run thru ur veins. u need to inhale in every breath. u need it to just 'be'. to clear the air (pun, laugh it up) i dont want people who are reading it and who are even a second older than 25, to freak out and call up my parents; i am not fagging.

fags remind me, there are people back there in the insti who are seriously pissing me off right now. wont be long before i start handing out pieces of my mind, in generous helpings. adios.


  1. You started out full aggro but lost steam towards the end...Use sparser prose and lay stress on the construction.
    This could well have been a fantastic post.

    Consider revising.

    P.S.The language is energetic and really drew me in!

  2. i knw of a lady who said "kete cheap language re lekhichi!!!"

    neway, fuck her!!!!!

    good job dne, bro!!!!!nyc piece!!

  3. @shivangi.......kuchh to log kahenge..!!