Thursday, May 20, 2010


not really in a mood to write i am just gonna drop one of my poems on you guys, (ya i do write some amateur verses from time-to-time),,,,,its titled VENOM, and although degree didn't publish it, i ges they know shit. i wrote it wen i was in goes..


So let darkness engulf me
Strip me of all I have been.
The devil’s laughter ring through my ears,
Fill me with the immortal zeal.

Revenge! Justice! My soul cries,
Anger blazes its trail ‘cross my heart.
A scar that burns white with rage.
A scar thats here to stay.

A din surrounds my ears,
Pressing me on, urging.
I descend deeper into the abyss.
The darkness grows darker.

I bite my lips harder,
Enjoying, relishing the feel,
The momentary escape into physical pain.
Wish the spasms never end.

The dagger of betrayal delves deeper into my soul,
Want of vengeance rushes through my veins.
My trust shames me.
I spit venom, I bleed.

As my soul burns in this conflagaration,
A tiny flame tries to fight off the freeze.
She’s the trust that upholds my immolated soul.
She’s the calm when my world crashes down.

But all the while I hear more laughter,
More accusations, more abuses,
More venom.
His whisperings grow louder
As my skull splits in two.

He enters with a torrent of hate
Decimating all opposition he finds in me,
Blasting his way through,

As my soul cries its tears of blood,
It sees its last moments through his green eyes.
I awake



  1. SOHIIII!!!! :P

    nice one dude..!

  2. did u remember d whole poem when u wer writn it down or u copied it frm one of ur dusty badly thrown under d bed personal diaries?

    watever it z u do hv chances to win a poem writing competition against me...

  3. Self-confidence got loads of it i must say.. !! :-p

  4. Wow,at long last I found a non-surrealist that writes so well.

    Wonderful,absolutely wonderful...