Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bunking DS classes

Well, here we go..... Formally beginning my blog from today, first the honours- special thanks to my e-cell senior for introducing me to this thing - i had always thot it wud be a pretty lame thing to do.......... sitting around writing stuff that no1 is actually gonna read; 2nd, to the rapidly heating up atmosphere of rkl for making me feel restless enuf; to sum oder ppl for pissing me off so bad yesterday night dat i HAD to find an outlet; and lastly to our dear and wish-he-was-departed HOD of CSE for making me so very disillusioned wid d concept of classroom teaching that i just bunked 2 hours of datastructures ( at great peril to my attendance) which ultimately afforded me the free time i needed to sit down and type away. There's a lot really to write about, so much that i hav no idea wher to start. 6 months here already and its like i know this place inside out although i get a feeling my real life here is only just getting started. and the way it looks i think i wil stash all my champagne in cold storage. too many frustrations, lot of angst, little compensation. case in point, i am real hungry at d moment and totally not in a mood to drag myself over to hex. so wat i did 5 mins bak is go ovr to d mess to grab a pack of hide n seek (nothing like chewing awy on ur fav biscuits while doing sum writing, innit?). turns out d mess guy is in d common room watching sum ridiculous movie where a woman, face painted black and tongue sticking out, was waving her trident at sum "bad guys" (also black-faced) hu wer scattering away evn before her trident pointed in their direction, all wid heart-rending screams that wud put messrs Wilhelm and co. to shame., all the while acompanied with sounds of bells and conches hitting the most jarring notes possible. so wat i did was call him and d bastard actually says,"dont disturb me during d climax, cum after 5 mins".

_l_ THIS is how i feel about life here at present. i hope things correct themselves in the future altho i dont count much on it. But i gess no matter how impossible the situation might seem to be, u never really let go of ur hope coz at d end of day dats wat keeps us goin....


  1. stuff that noones gonna read? guess who ended up incrementing your hit counter? :))

    - prachi

  2. yeah, here's a customary "All the best" :) write some good OpenSource stuff... err, looks like it

  3. well scripted and funny enough to make someone read this blog....go ahead !! :)

  4. intense,yet nonchalant piece of "engineering literature"....way to go...