Saturday, February 13, 2010

long nocturnal walk, 2 cups of coffee, 1 of tea and some hot chocolate

ya thats pretty much all i did this evening, and considering how the day started, i, despite myself, will admit it was a pretty good ending. i woke up this morning looking forward to one of the most awkward, and possibly embarassing, conversations ever. but, hats off to the people involved, it turned out to be neither. so here i am, sitting, typing all this crap while people are busy sleeping,gtalking, jerking off, poring through books, or on the phone. but with all this caffeine in my blood, sleep is so out of the question. well atleast i have my hot chocolate, and in fact, i just finished the cup. but i dont think i am going to modify the title to something like ".........and a cup of hot chocolate", dont think so, it sounds cooler the way it is. i really have nothing to write about. i am talking shit and i fucking know it. but this is exactly what i wanna do right now, although i run the risk of losing whatever little readership i have after this guys.....FACE!

shivratri tonight and our night canteen guy, in a state of utter inebriation, has decided to not open shop, thats the story behind my liquid diet. that reminds me, i have my midsems coming up in a week and i see no escape from the severe punishment my ass is gonna take this time. the problem this time is interesting subjects like electrical, mechanics, have been replaced by shithead topics, datastructures, environmental and safety. they are so boring, they are disconcerting. talk of boring, i really need to clear the air about this movie 'trainspotting'. i mean, what exactly do people see in it? all i saw was nothing but absurd and outlandish stabs at being "abstract". for me, no matter how highly it gets rated in imdb and no matter how many times d361 flashes its poster on its cover page, i wont like it. it was a fucked up movie the day it was released and its a fucked up movie now. only someone as pretentious,as wimp-assed and as sex-deprived, as danny boyle, could make it (ya slumdog millionaire sucked too; but not sunshine, flukes happen i guess).

i have machine-drawing lab 9.30 am tomorrow, a saturday. the fuckbrains of our insti are making us follow last monday's timetable on a saturday. told you life here is shit.

P.S. dont ask me how liquid diet reminded me that midsems are coming up. i am wondering about that myself.

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